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Arnold Law Office, LLC
401 East Tenth Avenue,
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Eugene, Oregon 97401
Phone: 541-213-2186
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Corvallis Criminal Defense Attorneys

We Settle Cases By Preparing for Trial

We are not a criminal defense mill. We are not a "letterhead" firm. We are a real law firm with trial lawyers who actually try cases. We work as a team to protect you and your family's liberty.

Every case at Arnold Law Office is our priority. Many firms will accept your case on a flat fee and then throw it into the hopper to wait for an offer from the prosecutor. However, at Arnold Law Office we begin preparing your case for trial, sentencing, and settlement negotiations simultanously on Day 1. We know that a good offer is not a gift from the government. It has to be earned by systematically picking apart the State's case. We selectively take cases only when we are free to work on them and maintain a manageable trial calendar at all times. We can afford to do this.

A criminal conviction can affect your liberty, family, and employment for the rest of your life. Hiring a Corvallis criminal defense lawyer is an investment in the rest of your life. Choose wisely. Investigate your options. Call us at 541-213-2186 or send us an e-mail to schedule an appointment with a criminal defense attorney at our firm.

Gaining an Advantage Over the Prosecution

Prosecutors have the most day-to-day face time with the court and judges. However, they are often overworked and ignore the details of a case. There jury trial philosophy is black and white, right and wrong. They want the jury to ignore the details and overlook that pesky "reasonable doubt." It is the job of your defense attorney to chip away at their case. This can only be done through hard work, creative thinking, and dedication to the client.

When you hire our firm, you hire a team of attorneys, not just one lawyer. Our attorneys coordinate strategy, collect evidence and work with experts to meet the demands of your case. We work for dismissal, acquittal or settlement.

Corvallis and Albany attorney Mike Arnold is an experienced trial attorney. He doesn't just ferry offers from the prosecutor to you. He aggressively prepares your case for settlement as if it were going to a jury trial in order to maximize a plea agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached, then you are ready to take the case to trial.

Defending You From Criminal Charges

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling criminal charges. Attorney Mike Arnold is a former prosecutor and understands the issues in your criminal defense, including:

Our attorneys treat criminal cases like any other complex litigation case and look for creative solutions. For example, in a drunk driving case, our attorneys might use an accident reconstruction expert, normally used in personal injury cases. In a crime of violence, we may use an biomechanical expert to see if the human body can even do what the state claims happened. Our skills in personal injury, family law and business litigation could mean the difference between conviction and acquittal in your case.

Contact a Benton County Criminal Defense Attorney

Our attorneys work hard to fight your charges and keep you out of jail. Contact our Corvallis criminal defense lawyers to set up an appointment.

Managing partner Mike Arnold on what sets Arnold Law Office apart:


Arnold Law Office, LLC, represents clients throughout western, central and southern Oregon including Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, Medford, Salem, Albany, Creswell, Junction City, Veneta, Glendale, Harrisburg, Brownville, Cottage Grove, Elkton, Sutherlin, Roseburg, Monroe, Lowell, Newport, Winston, Myrtle Creek, Florence, Newport, Oakridge, Klamath Falls, Medford, Ashland, Bend, and other towns in Lane County, Josephine County, Jackson County, Deschutes County, Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Linn County, Douglas County, Marion County, Coos County, Lincoln County and Benton County.